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Lex Res. Report

Ventured out to the Lex. Res today for lunch. Awesome hatch going on. Tan Midge emerger sorta things. Another guy there casting flies had a got few small rainbows cruising the beach. He said slow stop n go retreive. I didn't have time to put on the waders. Just cast from the beach . I got a couple of sunfish. Then my #20 Tan Midge on 6x started getting smashed by these little bows. But I couldn't get a hookup or they would spit it. I lost over 10 strikes this way. I finally managed to land one bow and then another chunky sunny.
Help me here guys-why was I missing hook sets? I inspected my hook it was fine. Sharp too.

BTW, since I couldn't get my fly down what finally got me many strikes was a fast retrieve with the fly in the film.

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