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Juro, What type of winding check are you thinking of using? The reason I say this is that there are two basic types of checks, the vinyl ones that will stretch to fit, and the nickel silver or other hard materials that need to be sized closely.

If it is the vinyl ones just buy a couple in a range of likely sizes and see which one needs to be pushed on the last 2-3". The vinyl checks only cost about 75 cents so it isn't a big expense.

If your using harder materials you need to measure the blank at the point where it enters the handle to size the check.

I may be doing this wrong but to install the check I clean the blank and handle with Isopropyl alcohol let it dry then put a small fillet of epoxy at the joint and the push the check into it. Clean up any extra epoxy and let it cure. I just wind as close to the check as I can, then cover the windings and part of the check with the rod finish.

I guess Sean beat me to the post on this one.
John Desjardins

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