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RE:The Hunt for Big fish - cited for abuse

ABSOLUTELY! Dalhberg isn't alone - a lot of steelheaders have heard of Guide Bob Piggott fishing the FLY FISHING VIDEO MAGAZINE couple on the Sol Duc river for steelhead. When they couldn't get into fresh fish, the started targeting fish on their beds. Got a LOT of flak for that - so much so that Bob's disappeared from the town of Forks.

These Bozos need to be setting an example for the rest of the fly angling public! And the idea that Anything you do is Worth It to get good video doesn't stop with Dahlberg and Piggott. Check out some of the Bubbas posing for pictures with their guides. Fish is out of the water, being passed from Guide to Client, often for over a minute as they get the shots they want.

So I agree - give the game official an award. We need more like him!
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