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Okay, now if you tie up a furry fly on your bone hook and haven't removed all the fleshy parts, is this bait fishing? What about tying a chicken fly using the same hook with large parts of bird left on, bait again? What's the rule, if you leave on too much flesh and it stinks then it's no longer flyfishing but bait fishing?
You can't reach over the bushes with your new bone fly contraption so you dangle it from a long stick - presto, angling?

...and the bone hooks I was referring to predates the Islanders South Pacific tour.

As a bio, I started flyfishing dries in the summer of '65 on the Salt-Verde River near Phoenix, AZ. I had just turned 15. It wasn't until 1970 that I really got hooked on flyfishing when I moved to New Jersey after completing my military obligations. I fished strictly dries in the Catskills and Adirondacks. It was about 1974 or '75 that I got a copy of the book "Nymphs" by Ernie S. and I slowly started the change to including wet techniques and haven't regretted making the change in style and thinking.

As you can see, my journey leaves no room for snobbishness and I believe, firmly, to each their own. I do have personal preferences and stop short of indicators, coneheads, whirlythingamajigs, and assorted plastic accouterments.


P.S. I erred on the initial post and used the wrong term for an item - coneheads. I mistakingly called them jig heads. I don't use either.
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