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The Hunt for Big fish - cited for abuse

Hey did you hear that Larry Dahlberg got written up for abusing a native BC steelhead? He and his camera crew fought it three or four times on a C&R river to get the shots they wanted. Some of the hardcore sporting mags and websites are up in arms calling the official a nutcase, defending Dahlberg. I'll admit I've found LD entertaining at times but if he's so friggin hung up over shooting film he shouldn't be on a native BC C&R steelhead stream to do it. If so, he should settle for the shots he gets instead of keeping a trophy fish on the line four times longer than it needs to be. Larry - go to the Cowlitz, then eat the damn hatchery fish. Or do like us and catch three more for the film!

Kudos to the BC game official! In fact I am going to look him up and maybe we should send him some congratulatory emails. He has received a huge ration of crap from ESPN'ers and even the news media in BC. We should award him the Forum's Esteemed Steward of the Year award... (something I just made up!)
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