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I think the term "old school" applies to modern practitioners of old techniques. Old timers aren't "old school" by choice. Pole vaulters and Olympic atheletes use the best and newest techniques available to them. I believe that our fore fathers did too. They were pioneers in fishing with artificial lures. When tackle evolved that allowed them to cast heavy lures it was eventually adopted by most anglers.
For many situations, a fly is still the deadliest artificial lure. For the situations where it is at a disadvantage, we relish the challenge that we have imposed on ourselves. Like us, the earliest anglers fished for sport rather than survival. But they they didn't become "fly fishermen" until the advent of hard tackle.
As for the January comment, WS, I was kidding. If you check back in the archives, the "what's the nature of flyfishing?" threads are usually posted during the darkest and most desparate times of the year. As I watch rain turn to sleet, I thought I might add my thoughts to yours. I am not trying to discourage thought(the opposite is true I hope).
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