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Since when have flyfishers limited the thinking process to January?

Seems to be an incredibly narrow view on the ability and ingenuity of our forefathers. Yes they indeed fished what was at hand. And very few published their findings, unlike today. Remember, those times often required great innovation just to survive. I'm not an angling historian, but really now, cut your great, great grandpa some slack.

As far as not being able to cast jig heads - May I suggest that you try it before speaking out against it. Although I don't fish them, I have tried casting them in an effort to study their sinking properties. They cast less than ideal, but if one was working fast water about 35 - 40 ft. away, they aren't too bad.

Finally, the initial post was an invitation to discuss the subjective nature of flyfishing. Frankly Eddie, your all or nothing response was unexpected and tainted with attitude. As you point out, maybe this should be left for the winter when you regain the ability to think and can bring a better attitude to the discussion.

...and if no one wants to discuss this matter - Okay, it won't hurt my feelings any.

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