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I know that this discussion is best left for january, but since it snowed the day befor yesterday...
"In the old school they chose not to": fish jigs, use indicators and fashion flys from plastic materials(or wood in their case)... I 'm not sure that we're are on the right track with this.
In the "old school", they didn't have choices. It was fish with a fly, or use bait.
They didn't use indicators, not because it offended their sensibilities, but because they didn't fish dead drifted flys. I think that "wet flys" were streamers fished on the swing.
They didn't fish with casting jigs, because no one cast jigs.
And most importantly, they made flys out of feathers and fur because that was the best materials available to them. Light, and colorful with lots of action. They are still hard to beat. I'm not sure they could have cast a Rapala if they wanted to.
Anglers make the rules and choose the terms as to how they catch fish. The "Old School" chose not to use bait and nets. Perhaps this is the introduction to "sport fishing" We have more choices, we just don't have as many fish.
I hope some one with a better knowedge of history will straighten out my assumptions, but...
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.
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