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Seals vs Yaks

All is lost! I have fallen amongst evil (or at least fishy) companions!:hehe:

Wait a minute...were not the twelve apostles fishermen? OK, now that we've settled that...

Gentlemen, the temptation is more than I can resist. I will be there ASAP, and Pete I will take you up on your offer. I can always explain this trip away as "research", prior to puirchasing a yak of my own ("Honey, it's way cheaper than a flats boat!"). Besides, I think my wife'c casting arm is back "in battery" so maybe she'll come along to fish, as well. (Man, I am a lucky pup. She got me started in the game!). Soon as I get a plan in place to stash the kids...we're there.

Seriously, Pere, Juro, Adrian and all...thanks for being so generous to a newbie! It is appreciated.

Best regards,

Steve "Doc" Duprey
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