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O.K. - who would like to start?

The question "which Yak" generally guarantees a thread which runs to three or more pages Our moderator the Hon. Penguin, has a selection of both types and tons of experience. Striblue paddles an outrigger design which you can stand up in.

I'll stick to the Sit inside vs Sit-ontop question. I chose SOT because:

If you sit inside, getting back in the event of capsize is trickier unless you learn to eskimo roll - not sure if you can roll a pungo - so you have to do a "wet exit and re-entry". In very cold conditions that can be time consuming.

SOTs are believed to be warm weather craft only. However, wisdom dictates that you should be dressed for immersion anyway and getting back onto a SOT is very simple and achieved in seconds - so in fact they can arguably be considered safer.

And so the debate goes. There are plusses and minuses for both types. Theres a part of me which is hankering for a very sleek kevlar Greenland style speed machine - well maybe not this season

There is a large selection of SOT designs which have been developed for fishing.

This site has a bunch of good info and articles about SOTs:

Pungo is by Wilderness Systems:
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