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Well, well, well.....

I finally got off of my butt last night after work and checked out a quarry pond that is within two miles of my house. I've been putting it off, but I'm glad that I went. What I found was a rather large pond with steep rip rap cliffs. It looks very difficult to fish from the shore (some of which is ten feet above the water), but there is a small flat where a john boat could be launched.

I've been told that this pond is very deep, and possibly spring fed. While I was walking around the perimeter I could see several sunfish and some foot-long largemouths suspended in some timber tight to the cliffs. I'm hoping that the pond might also have some crappie and (fingers crossed) smallmouths. This spot has the potential to become my "home" water.

This is also an excellent spot for my wife to do the type of fishing that she does best......jigging. By the end of the summer, I hope to have those jigs and spinning rods replaced by clousers and a flyrod. She's eager to learn.
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