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ah what the hell

Ok here is a trout report for you all.

Fished a well know lake chain in eastern washington yesterday. I skipped out of work and headed over to the lake at about 3:30 in the morning.

A full gale wind storm met us at the lake but since we had drove 2 hours to get there there was no way we were turning around. After about two hours of no insect activity I was getting worried and then the chronomids/midges and callibaetis started to come off.

I immediatly started hitting fish on my red chronomid pupae patern with the largest being about 24" and estimated 6-7 pounds. A true beauty of a fish and fat.

Then the fish finally switched to taking surface flies and the fun began. My partner hit two in quick succession on a #14 parachute adams with a 21" being brought to the pontoon boat.
I then had some luck skating a #14 griffiths gnat and picked up another few fish that way until the hatch tailed off.

We then closed out the day with my partner taking 3 more fish on a chronomid pattern made out of anti-static computer baggies and we were off the water and headed home by 4pm. I do not think we caught a fish less than 20".

Considering the wind we had a great day and there aint nothing like lake fishing in eastern washington in the spring. Big fish and great fun on the old 4wt. Nothing like it to make you feel a little better about being skunked all winter fishing for steelhead.

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