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Bow River Bugger - Swap Fly

HOOK: Streamer hook (Mustad 79580 or equivalent), size 6-8-10
THREAD: 6/0, Black or Olive or Day-Glo Red, it does not really matter
TAIL: Black Marabou plume fibers
BODY: Dark Olive chenille, large for size 6, medium for size 8 &10
RIBBING: Gold Mylar tinsel size 14 (medium)
WINGS: Deer body hair (use hair from the back, longer and coarser, about 2 ½ inches long)
HACKLE: Black, wrapped in “palmered”
HEAD: Spun deer hair, clipped close
STEP 1: Tie the thread on about ¼ inch behind the hook eye; wrap the entire hook towards the rear
STEP 2: Tie in the tail of marabou plume fibers; extend about ¾ inch behind the bend of the hook
STEP 3: Tie in the Chenille, then the tinsel, then the hackle. Tie the hackle at the tip, not the stem end, open the fiber by running your fingers down the hackle. Make sure you follow the proper order, first on= first wrapped STEP 4: Wrap the chenille up to where you started the thread, then the tinsel, then palmer the hackle over the section of chenille that are exposed. Make several 6-8 more wraps to secure the whole assembly and make a foundation for the wing
STEP 5: Clip a bunch of deer body hair (about ½ pencil), remove the “fur” in the hair so that they stack well, stack the tips and tie on top of the hook at the same place you ended your wraps on the previous step extending the wing to the bend of the hook. Then clip off the front end of the hair, that which are crimped upwards, make several more wraps to secure the wing. The wing will flare a bit but will get back into proper shape when you spin the head on.
STEP 6: Time to make a spun head. Take another bunch of hair, about ½ pencil, no need to clean or stack here. Clip of the front 1 inch, the tips, leaving only the coarse part which should be about 1 inch long or less. Spin the first bunch on. Repeat this 2 more times, slightly reducing the size of the “bunch of hair” each time. The last bunch should leave you with about 1/16 of an inch or less of bare hook behind the eye, enough room to hold the spun hair back (pack tightly after each bunch) and tie off with several half hitch knots
STEP 7: Trim the spun head tightly and shape to a bullet style head.
The fly is a local favorite on the Bow River and it also works well on Bass. Fish it as a semi-dry on a floating line and expect violent takes. Fish it on a sink tip or full sink line, make sure your leader in not longer than 5 feet, and make the fly swim on an “up & across” cast, expect the hit about 45 degree into the swing. Hooks are barbed and it is up to you to decide on their usage.
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