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I can see it all now in the London Times, Boston Globe and the Seattle Times. "International fur patch ring busted". A group of crusty old men claiming to be fly fishermen were arrested this week on both sides of the Alantic in what is believed to be the largest such fur patch bust in history. The conterban was shiped in brown paper bags with the words "tuna fish sandwiches" written on the sides.
This group of new age fur traders said; "we were only trying to help our endangered runs of alantic salmon and increase our fishing opportunities at the same time by the harvesting of seals and the selling of small fur patches to fellow fishermen".
P.E.T.A. on the other hand said; "we have been following this organized ring now for weeks and have had some good leads into what they were up too. We notified INTERPOL and they made the bust quickly and with no remorse.
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