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One of these days, I will learn my lesson as well and invest in a pair of croakies (even if I do think they are dorky).

Unless you are very careful with your glasses I would stay away from the Switchback and Sliders as they are polycarbonate lenses which are over susceptible to scratches. The glass lenses on the more expensive Action Optics are incredibly scratch resistent...I dont get why people drop $120 dollars on a pair of Oakley polarized as they are all polycarbonate.

Newbiefish also brought up another concern with the interchangeable lense out or the lenses will crack and eventhough Action Optics carries a very good warranty that they do stand behind, it is not worth it, IMHO...unless you baby your glasses.

I spend the big bucks on the glass lense Action Optics in the Silver Creek brown which is the best all around color, plus it is the color that my eyes like the best when it comes to everyday use and then I buy a couple pairs of cheap glasses such as the Fisherman's Eyewear in the Amber for those super low light days and then a pair in Grey for those mid-afternoon, direct light days of Summer (although Silver Creek Brown seems to hold its own on even the brightest of days).

btw-How was Lenice???
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