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Talking Aaaaah - Great Lakes Steelhead Style

Yes the time has come for the big spring trip which I had to put off from March due to work and then the weather turned real cold and snowy that week anyway. I would have frozen may you know whats off. March is your best bet to hook and land a big wild steehead when the water is still in the high 30s and they are a little lethargic. Now will be very difficult with water up into the 40s.

All flies are tied, tackle and clothes etc are staged for placement in the Trailblazer. Quick trip to market for some food and other odds and ends etc... Will be going to bed early tonight and leave around midnight for the 4-5 hour drive from Chicago.

Will be fishing the holy waters at first light, it is like going home to me. The only other area in the U.S. I have a similar feeling for is the NYS - Catskills - Beaverkill/Willowemuc where I learned how to FF.

I will be staying in Baldwin, Michigan at the Tarry Motel. Bronze Trail Blazer, Illinois plates. If any one from forumn is up there stop in say hello. I will be alone.

Will be fishing all of the rivers in the area. See Fishing section on the URL I posted below describing the area I will be in.

I hope the steelhead gods are looking fondly upon me and will bless me with some encounters, landing is a whole other story at this time of year though. But what great memories they are. If this Marryat reel jams on another hot steelie run thats it, it is getting retired and I am buying something new. Hardy or Ross most likely.

Will report when I return next weekend. Weather forecast looks good snow, rain, clouds 30s to 60s, etc.. steelhead weather.

Hal Eckert
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