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Yes Roscoe is the central town most every one stays when going to the Beaverkill/Willowemuc rivers.

Late June, Cahills (light and dark) were always good. As i recall the Hendrickson hatch was usually over by then. Late May to early June were the Hendricksons. June is a good time there, July can get much harder, we used Jassids size 22-28 and ants then.

We fished the Big Beaverkill down stream from Junction Pool which is in the town of Roscoe. Antrim Lodge is an historic old hotel where many famous FF stayed.

Cannot go wrong from Hendricksons pool down stream through Horse Brook run we loved that area. See the pictures in the URL. These are a 5 minute drive outside of Roscoe. Used a lot of nymphs there also, Zug bug, caddis, stone flys, prince nymph, Muddler Minnows (small). Irrestible (light & dark),

My favorite though was the Willowemuc which is on the other side of Roscoe. Also the East and West Branch of the Delaware are good. Lots of water to choose from.

PM me for more detailed information. Hope you have more than one day also to fish it

I was beginning to wonder if any one was fishing these from the forumn.

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