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Juro –

This is your forum. You can run it anyway you wish. I respect that and this will be my final post here.

It is amusing that you find it necessary to selectively moderate post. Seems that some are more ‘commercial’ than others. Oh well, that’s your choice.

What’s really a hoot are your inconsistent statements like:

Juro [this thread]
"We are a not-for-profit cooperative of flyfishing enthusiasts, professionals and businesses working together to improve the flyfishing experience for people who contribute to this cause.”

Juro [Keys/Andros Report thread]
“Yes, so keep coming to the FORUM and clicking away... get that traffic up there and the sponsors happy so we can buy that shack and it will be our time-share!

So Juro, what cause do your sponsors contribute to? Just how reliable are your traffic statistics for your advertisers?

My apologies to Juro and the other forum members if this post sounds mean. It isn’t meant to be. It’s just a friendly parting gig.

Juro, let me know next time you get to Florida. I’d be happy to guide you for a day of sight fishing snook, reds, seatrout and possibly tarpon.

Best, wishes,
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