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As you probably know we had our sea lions eating steelhead at the lochs in Seattle. They tried everything one could think of including a mechanical killer whale. "hey Willie you want to buy a 7 meter long ORCA cheap?" It worked for a day or so. They even transported the sea lions down to California I think and they came right back. The state could not shoot them though because it was not politically correct. Someone else would Know better but I believe these Sea lions now reside in a Florida Zoo.

If I get some seal fur I would only need a small patch, that is unless Juro has some secret seal fur steelhead fly.
Well taking the day off tomorrow and heading over to the spring creek with the girl friend and will fish my last size 18 seal fur ants I have left in my box from my days on the Henery's Fork. But the whole time over there be thinking about how hot the steelhead fishing is getting up north.
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