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This marabou/hackle thing I'm doing measures between 6 and 8" max. The gape of the hook is somewhere in between 1/2" and 5/8" inclusive, if memory may be a bit wider.

I respectfully submit this idea: If a narrow gap, long shank streamer hook is used, how wide is the gap; where would the material tie-in begin or end, and where does the fisherman expect the fly to be attacked. I agree with Pete about lip or corner hooking, because these things tend to attack from oblique angles and then quickly turn away and toward the hiding place (my experience).

Here's a different way to ask the same thing.
1. Where would anyone of us position our materials, thus establishing the hook position for attack.
2. How much gape do we LIKE, visually, on a bare hook.
3. How much stuff are we tying in; how much gape are we eliminating with stuff.

Quentin, my answer to what patterns would someone tie for these guys is anything large enough to do the job, forage related or not, from old style streamer patterns right up to all the super flashy, super colorful salt patterns. If a Tarpon will grab something green, purple and yellow, a pike or muskie should be expected to grab a pink, orange or turquoise something or other...

By the way, this is all just mental gymnastics for me, and no measure of this is intended to start any flamefests or challenge anyone's intelligence. I'd love to tie up some outrageous color combinations and throw them at these guys.
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