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or.. Why they don't call it catching.
Had a tough week.
Met my buddy in Key Largo Last week and we fished for a couple of days in Biscayne Bay. We didn't see many fish, and netted one nice 8# bone and a couple of tarpon follows for our efforts.The Guide said that the wind made fishing tough. Wind? When is it not blowing 20?
Then, we met my wife and another buddy at the airport and flew to Andros. The same high pressure that plagued us in the Keys stayed with us all week. And the fish did not seem to like it. They were no where to be found, and spooky when they were found. A 20' lead would send them off and running!
1st day, the guide didn't show. 2nd day, the guide broke my rod casting it(I heard the fly hit the tip. The rod broke on the next false cast). 3rd day fished with a new guide. Nice guy, but I saw 90% of the fish befor he did. Being a nice guy counts for a lot though. The high light of the trip for me was when my wife caught a fish while I was on the pole! I could barely keep the boat straight and she spotted the fish. A fantasy realized. 4rth day we fished with another guide. We spent 3/4 of the day nose into a muddy bank while he fixed his motor. The remaining 2 hours were spent wading the most beatiful flat you could imagine. We saw a few fish, but they were very spooky.
The 5th day we fished the west side. The guide had never fished their befor, but it was beautiful, and we caught a few fish. This was a long hour and a half run and I'm not sure I wouldn't have rather been fishing closer to the lodge. My buddy didn't make the run, and he landed a 10 pounder! The 6th day the weather started to lift, and we started catching fish. Few! the curse was lifted. We caught 6 fish that day. We fished with the first guide, and since we were catching fish, I'm convinced that he is the best guide on earth.
Next time we go, the catching will be better.
Flys that worked: Tan Puffs, Petersen's Spawning Shrimp(a KILLER), Gotcha Clousers and Clousers tied with a very pale khaki bucktail, no white. sparse flash. When fish refuse fly, going biggere worked more offten than going smaller. Go figure.
One cast can change your day...maybe your life.
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