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Meaning no disrespect.... any way to fish this river without splitshots, indicators and egg "flies"? I fish rivers with far less fish than a typical AK stream, never use that stuff and catch plenty of fish to keep entertained and sometimes even ecstatic.

Maybe it's just me but those techniques are better performed with conventional tackle and "gear" fishing leads one further away from perfecting the time-tested techniques of flyfishing as developed over the centuries. In other words, if using bobbers, weights and egg lures, why use a flyrod at all?

Could be out on a limb here but I'd wager if I fished that river with my floaters and sinktips, swimming flies to move fish to the fly (verses fly to the fish) I would do just fine.

A nice compromise is to use a beadhead nymph below a stimulator or elkcaddis, acheives the same effect but using flies either of which fish will eat, no lead nor bobber. I guess it's an individual call.

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