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Originally posted by Dutchman
I also tied some Perch and Northern Pike minnow patterns on A Partridge hook called A Carrie Stevens.
Dutchman -- do you have a recipe for the Northern Pike pattern? I think that would be a good pattern here where they routinely stock some of the lakes with 9" pike and/or tiger muskies.

BTW, on two separate occasions I witnessed a larger pickerel attack a smaller pickerel that came unhooked right at shore. In both cases, the small pickerel sat motionless immediately after coming unhooked (the way they often do) and while it was sitting there the larger pickerel charged it, grabbed it by the middle of the body and backed out into deeper water to try to swallow its meal. I don't know if the feeding attempts were successful because the "food" wasn't much smaller than the attacker (about 2/3 the length). I have also caught a couple of scarred fish from pike-infested waters and the teeth marks were on the middle of the body. I'm not sure how much the feeding behavior of larger pike and tiger muskies differs from that of their smaller relatives, but these fish seem to target the area just behind the gills when attacking their prey. Perhaps that explains why FrenchCreek had better success with lip hooking the fish when using shorter shanked hooks, and tended to hook the fish deeper when using longer shanked hooks? This is just a guess based upon my observations and somewhat limited experience with catching pike and tiger muskies (I haven't caught any over 10# yet).

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