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Regarding my hook selection. My reasoning for going to the 10xl is that last year when I was checking out this particular fishery,I had Achance to talk with the state fishery biologist who has been incharge of this project for about ten or twelve years. Tiger Musky were introduced to this res. to control the N. Pike Minnow/Squawfish. When they started the average size (squa.) was fourteen inches. they had just shocked the lake recently and the average size was nine inches. Now my thinking(yes I do that,just not very often) is, at least one of my patterns should should come close to that. Particularly in light of the fact they only eat once A day and like big baits. Is my understanding close here. Go ahead let me have it. I'm tough. The biologist show me what was left of one of those articulated plugs. Idon't know just how big it was origonaly but the front half was about three inches I guess. I couldn't tell for sure because when the fish hit it he took the whole back half off above the eye that held the two halves together. that plug was CRUSHED! I have been salivating all over mysef Just waiting for A chance at these guys. After reviewing this post, I may have to stop doing this at 4:00 a.m. Thaks again
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