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Originally posted by Adrian
Yes, it was a great day to be on the water in good company. This is an amazing fishery. Currently there are Pike, Largemouth Bass, Shad, Stripers and who knows what else all active in the same body of water.

How about one of each on the same day?

Now that would be a grand slam
I've had a couple good multi-species days (largemouth bass, rock bass, yellow perch, bluegill, pumpkinseed, chain pickerel & crappie) and it got me wondering what would be considered a "slam" or "grand slam" in freshwater. Seems like a grand slam would have to include at least one type of trout. Then again, most trout are stocked so maybe that isn't so important? Is there a standard "definition" for freshwater slams and grand slams like there is with saltwater?


p.s., on one occasion all types of fish were caught on the same olive wooly bugger!

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