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Hello there again
I'm not sure im dooing this right.. but here it goes!..

We are gooing for King Salmon.. what you guys call coho??...I'm bringing my T&T #6 for trout and greyling.. but for the Kings i will propaply go for the Loop blueline 14 foot #9-10...

Thanks a lot for all your replyes..

We are staying in tent.. It's quite no luxus.. but i like it that way.. 10 days of fishing all day long.. No phone, no TV no nothing but fishing :-)

Shold you ever come do Denmark dont hesitate to give me at buzz. i will be happy to guide you around..


Originally posted by gordonf
If this is the Lake Creek I think it is you will probably want to bring some rods that are appropriately matched for trout fishing. When I was there I thought the best fishing to be had was for the rainbow and grayling. I caught rainbow trout to about 6 lbs, but most were in the 16-20 inch range. A 15 foot double-hander would be massive overkill for this kind of sport. Also, my experience agrees with Nate’s observation, egg-sucking leeches are the ticket on these rivers. Are you staying at the lodge or floating?
Tight Lines to all.

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