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Probably the best book I have seen to date describing the Great lakes steelhead fishery and differences to the PNW is the new Matt Supinski Book - Steelhead Dreams. In paperback it is around $ 30 maybe a little less. Best book to date on Great lakes steelhead and atlantic salmon.

Also current Fly Fisherman has an article by Kelley Gallop on great lakes steelhead which compares between PNW some what. Both guides have fished both.

Just missed Kelley at my local Chicago fly shop last month. He has lived in Michigan most of his life, and just bought some type of fly and guide shop in Yellowstone area. Is moving now.

Major similarities are a noble fish and obsessed anglers chasing them I think, once they get into your psyche.

BTW, I checked the Michigan rules this week, new single hook max gap is 1/2 inch and doubles are 3/8 inch as I thought. Trebles not allowed on flies. Looks like we are now limited to a 1/0 hook per my measurements. T. Coombs says a Tiemco 7999 2/0 hook is .670 grams while the 1/0 is .505 grams. I had tied up a number of 2/0s for a new application this year. Now I am sunk with that concept to get the fly deeper.

Oh well will use the 2/0s for fly swaps I guess.

Maybe in steelhead heaven I will be able to use 4/0 hooks?

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