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I do a fair amount of pike fishing (flies) and on occasion, when I get back East, some muskie fishing(flies also). All of my flies are "flat". I use the Gamakatsu hooks (its the straight eye - with an semi open eye style ?? the correct name escapes me) because of their short shank, needle point and wide gap. Since these critters really attack a fly at the head, I find I get more and shallower hook ups, very seldom down deep, mostly on the jaw or lips. I tried long shank hooks and lost many more fish and had many more "deep throat" situations.
I have never tried the offset hooks but I do think this is a very informative topic and for all who are concerned with C&R, one that shoud get more "exploration". This forum can be the source of much experience on this topic, not only for pike & muskie, but for all species.
If anyone else out there has an opinion & experience on Flat Vs. Offsett, please share it with the rest of us.
In all of my tying years, hook selection has been one of the most crucial decision to a successfull pattern. AND I have changed hook selection to increase the ease of release with the result often being more "long releases" but overall more satisfaction and challenge in targeting a particular fish with a specific hook style that I know is more risky to me, but not to by fishy friends.
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