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Thank You. Now I understand more clearly.

Targeting these aggressive species suggests strong wire hooks, yet doesn't require an offset in the hook profile. No, I do not mean to imply every hookset will result in potentailly fatal damage; it is my mistake that I presumed the question to be oriented toward bait, more so than artificials or flies.

I am in the process of tying a few pike flies. These are Marabou headed, with several hackle and schlappen body profile feathers, and some assorted flash. I am tying them on a 2/0 long-shank stainless, saltwater hook made by Varivas. This hook is standard flat profile, no offset, and has a rather wide gape between point and hook shank. The hook is in proportion to the materials size, and I expect it to hook if taken, based on the gape.

The general presumption is that an offset profile hook is used with bait, and intended to hook fish for the table. I'd love to be out pike fishing, too - hope you have good luck.

[EDIT] John, you beat me by minutes. I hadn't had a chance to read over between sessions. I didn't mean to cause the gentleman any concern, as noted above.

It is my question as to why use a j-style hook, with an offset, when a wider gape - essentially creating more to 'bite' on, accomplishes the same purpose, and the fish then almost hooks itself in it's mad thrash to tear the bait from the water. Remember, we're talking about a targeted species in this scenario. These babies aren't noted for being civilized.

Circle hooks are, in general, a flat-profile hook. Different manufacturers may say "circle" and have consumers think all hooks are created equal; it's far from the case. A flat profile circle hook will generally slide up from the gullet without catching on the way up. With any type of offset hook, the hook will turn.

As always, this is just personal observation and opinion.

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