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I did not take exception to your question. But I do really appreciate your concern in that regard. Thank you.
Now to the question. My intent is purely catch and release. From the responses to the thread,I keep getting the feeling that I am not expressing myself very well. I have never caught A Tiger Musky and wanted to know if I push the point out to one side a little would it improve my hook up ratio or is it even necessary. My understanding from your resonce is this will lead to fatal ingestion is that correct. They look to be magnificent fish and I would never do that just to improve my catch if it meant A potential fatality. I just don't see how that would happen. can you please help me understand this more clearly. As you can probably see I am one of those people who needs all the help he can get. Just for clearity I am fishing flys and not bait. Again i don't know if that makes A difference. I am really looking to your responce.

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