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Smile Good to trout fish again

After a long cold wet winter of steelhead fishing it was good to go trout fishing again.
Had a job over in Moses Lake last week so I hit the near by spring creek. I'm not big on Washington State Trout fishing so it was 1st time fishing this creek.
1st day was a sunny warm afternoon with no hatches but did notice right off that there were Bibios huvering above mud where springs enter into main creek. Walked 1/2 mile down stream and there were lots of fish from 2 lbs to 8 lbs nymphing on most likely scuds or calibates nymps. Did not want to fish nymps so dug out of my fly box some old bibios patens from the old days on the Heneries Fork and they worked real well. Got 6 rainbows in an hour or two from 2 to 5 pounds. Fish would move 4 or 5 feet for this fly when it hit water. Tried some seal fur ants same size as bibios and even though they look similiar fish were not interested.
Next day cloudy and after completing my work early headed back over hoping for a PMD hatch but nothing again caught 3 more fish on surface in a weedy cove where fish were gulping nymphs in surface film.
This creek is nice to fish and no wading is allowed but does get crowded by noontime yet still plenty of fish to fish to without folks crowding into your fish.
Still amazes me how many fly fishermen do not understand the water shed they are fishing and how easy they get frustrated because they do not understand what is going on.
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