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circle hooksd for flies

I didn't order any of the circle hooks of the Mustad Signature line. The ones I am going to be getting are more similar to Gamakatsu Octopus hooks. I have been all over circle hooks for flies for a few years now. I have already posted my experience with them. I found the post here it is:

"I have used circle hooks a lot for flies. Here are my general observations, not meant to be taken as gospel;
For fast swimming fish that take their prey whole and keep going at full speed, circle hooks can't be beat. False albies are one species that I really like flies tied on circle hooks. The main reason is that once the circle grabs ahold, it doesn't let go.
However, if the fish you are pursuing isn't one to streak off at top speed after it grabs something and will just gulp it down and then sit there with it, the fish will blow it back out either from it's mouth or through it's gills. I had a lot of trouble with striped bass blowing flies out their gills and then you can't get the hook out, even if it's barbless. It turns around in there and gets all hung up and the fish ends up dying, I don't use circle hooks for striped bass fishing anymore.
Actually, for albies this past season I used Gamakatsu Octopus hooks more than circles anyways.
I don't really use them too much anymore. The new interest is a new fad that will go away, I guess I was ahead of the curve."
Capt Gordon

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