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Let us know what you think of them. I picked up this months Fly Fisherman magazine at Borders yesterday and Larry Dahlberg has an article on them basically saying they are great hooks for bait fishing, but he is not so sure for fly fisherman.

Indicates primary advantage of the Circle hook is that if swallowed into gut by fish will pass thru with no harm to it and for fish with very boney mouths will increase your hooking percentages dramatically.

Since flys are rarely swallowed by fish he is not sure of their advantage to fly fisherman except for boney mouth fish.

Appears they have been used for Tarpon bait fishing for a long time, indicates 20 years.

What does Mel Simpson think of these, our resident tarpon guide on the forumn.

My .02 cents

P.S. What I am doing posting in the saltwater section ? I am a 1,000 miles from the Atlantic, wish I was closer, growing up in NJ did some surf casting for stripers and blues, was just getting into FF the surf in 1979 when the big corporate transfer came to the mid west and the then the steelhead and salmon conversion occurred.

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