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It was good meeting the gang from the board, and I am glad that Capt Ray was able to put fish on a few peoples line. I am glad that I was able to put a face with a name, sorry that I don't remember names very well unless I have several meetings. It was good to be able to sit down and talk eyeball to eyeball with a few. I didn't meet any of the group that I wouldn't take fishing it they wanted me to. I expect my area to start producing in another few weeks. Maybe get a few clams and a couple of fish. Retired life is good if I could only stop finding things that need doing around the house.
How many of the 12 people that showed up at the RI Transit Parking lot nopticed the pair of Ospreys with a great view? It seems that the pair are building a nest on the top of the field lights across the street from the parking lot. The light standard has got to be at least 125 feet high. This shows that they are expecting good fishing in the area. Have a good week.
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