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John, email me and I'll give you my phone number.

Eric, everything about saltwater is different from steelhead, with the exception of I can use an 890 rod for both, given the same size of fish as I explained before. This is some of what I mean:
We usually fish from a boat, we sight cast to moving fish, we move the fly by stripping, we strip strike to hook the fish. We use different fly lines that are stiffer, we cast quickly with 1 to 3 false casts and that may be 60' to 80'. We stand with the fly and leader in our left hand, the belly of the fly line hanging from the tip top, and it's "fish at 10 o'clock 55' cast, now" type of attentativeness required and that may be after standing trying to see fish for long perids of time.
All of this is probably in 85 to 90 degree temperatures with 95 to 100 percent humidity with a 10 to 15 mph wind that is not always coming off your non casting shoulder. Again, you can not take your eyes off the fish you are trying to see, no you do not look at the water, you look through it.
The biggest difference is how easy it is to waste "windows of opportunities". You spend long periods of time stareing and searching for fish and just like that there they are and you screw up the cast and you never get that "window of opportunity" back.
And then there is the fighting of a fish that can run under or around cover to cut you off and can run anywhere even in a 360 degree circle, or head for Cuba as we say.
I love steelhead fly fishing because of the fish, the rivers, especially big rivers, but I find saltwater fly fishing more than just long casts, and pretty flies. I find saltwater requires a more continual mental focus and I like that!

Man, I rambled on way too much.

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