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Rhody Early Bird catches the worm!

The Fly Fishing Forum striped bass season opener officially got underway today. Thirteen hardy fun loving soles braved the cold elements with much chagrin.

On hand were Dave Pritchard, Jeff Borkowski, GregO, brothers Chris and Drew Delisle, Nick Svencer, Jeff Roop, and Nathan Smith. Also along were Dave Fix, Art Burton, Ron Lomas, Ray Stachelek, Peter Jenkins, Steve De, and Don. I apologize it I missed someone.

Our first destination, Colt State Park, looked promising from the parking lot. Turned out to be a skunk. Absence of any type of bait proved to be a down fall. Not a bump.

Moved to a new location called the Pancake House. Put on the old feed bag for an all you can eat breakfast buffet. Recharged our batteries and off we went to the Seekonk River.

Ron Lomas was the first to hook up with the first fish of the day. Action wasn't as fast pace during the warmer days of last week, but nevertheless there were fish here today.

Nick Svencer was high hook for the day with three fish. Nick and Grego cashed in by breaking the ice this season with their first fish. Greg also had another quick release fish 20 feet out.

There were several hookups and lost fish. Nick managed to out catch the founder of this tournament 3 to 2. All toll 8 fish were caught in the Seekonk.

The weather improved and warmed up as the afternoon approached. All and all it was a fun time to meet and share with old and new friends alike.

Great to have you guys here in Rhody. Have a great season.

Art Burton and Ray Stachelek
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