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Re: Mustad Signature Hooks

Good find Fishhawk!

They look like great hooks, and might even compare. But I wonder if price is really as big of a deal as some people think?

For northeast striper fishing...
I pay $10 for a couple of months worth of a top-notch fly hook instead of $5 for Mustads, the season lasts half the year, so that's $30 for my main SWFF hook for the year. This to me is cheap money to fish with the very best hooks made. I don't know if I really care if I spend less than that for a years worth of my main fly hook, knowing I am using the best made in the world.

The quality control, the point, the barb, the eye and the profile are all superior. I might not drive the best car or live in a fancy house but I sure as heck fish with the best hooks :hehe:

I'm not concerned about the pocket change in price difference but since every department store seems to carry mustad by default maybe I could find some decent hooks when I can't get to my favorite sponsor's shop. When I have a choice I will opt with TMC et. al.

BTW - I do buy some Mustad hooks for certain freshwater and river fishing needs. They have a huge range of styles to choose from. My comments were aimed at standard SWFF hook choice and my experience comparing brands in the past. Besides, I need a good bluefish hook



Originally posted by FishHawk
Check out the new Signature hooks by Mustad. Tiemco like quality for less money and quanity. Looks like a winner to me.
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