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RE:Remaining Optimistic


Talk about a group of optimists, the term is synomous with Steelheader. What other breed of individual (other than a love struck teen) is willing endure the highs and lows that we experience throughout the season. With many of us as our affections and needs to hunt mercuric bullets grows it is simultaneously, softened by "adult obligation" of growing children.

Each day I get reports of success and future attempts to tame a steelhead even if for just a brief moment, we all share these successes and failures. The Long Distance Release of the once in a life time fish, feeling that viscous strike, reel handles that rap against your knuckles, the endo leaps where your heart ends up I your throat, and finally that indescribable feeling when you've released a hard fighting wild fish. We have all been there and relive those experiences thru stories and reports. Are these the qualities that keep us coming back for more? Is it the friendships that span nations and the ages? Are we truly that competitive? Why are we steelheaders? Surely it has nothing to do with the spending of money on trips and gear because most are more than willing to replace paper with graphite, forged aluminum, or gucci plastic string.

What keeps you coming back, is it simpy because we are optimistic?

I recall reading about a steelhead bum's ex-wife said after their divorce that being married to a steelheader was worse than being married to her first husband who was an alcoholic.
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