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What is the gap in inches on those 4/0's or maybe you have big pinkies?

BTW there about 10 of the 20 steelhead rivers in Michigan have dams I think, where fisherman congregate for the runs, however you will not find any FF there, they will be down stream fishing. The anglers at the dams fish bait, lures and flies on drift rigs. A FF would not last long there.

Not possible to use big flies that size in the spring fed clear waters most of these rivers except for Wisconsin which has more color to them. I wish I could. I wish I had some digital pics to send you. The new Matt Supinski book Steelhead Dreams has great pictures showing the very clear waters we face most of the year here except the few times the rivers are high due to rain. Those situations only last for a couple of days here usually.

I wish I could use big flys more, only time I do is for king salmon in fall and skammania summer runs who are very aggressive, I think they would take a snake if I could tie one.


P.S. For the record I have not fished below a dam in probably at least 18 years out here, to continue that would have mean't a substantial increase in my life insurance coverage, so I would rather fish down stream with possibly less fish, but in solitude away from the crazies, and beleive there are some here just like in the PNW.

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