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Remaining Optimistic

I was sitting in front of the computer looking at the Skykomish guage (it was blown at the time)this last weekend and getting a little bummed about the rotten returns of steelhead to our Puget Sound rivers. Then I remembered several recent years when run timings have also been "off" but the steelhead did eventually show.

Last year the hatchery steelhead in the Puget Sound rivers didn't show in December and January. Everyone had given up when they finally made their appearance in mid/late February. The guys that were on the water had great fishing and almost no competition.

Last summer's fish also had a "down" year, but if you hung on the fishing in late October and early November was great!

I checked the Olympic Peninsula sources for current reports and found that bright native fish are continuing to show up in all the rivers in numbers not usually associated with April.

So hang in there - I'm not making any guarantees, but am hopeful that the last few weeks will give up some of the best fishing of the Spring C&R season on the Sky, Skagit and Sauk.

See you out there!

Brian / Doublespey
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