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PM.. thanks for the comments... I had tied so many saltwater flys that I wanted to all those Brown flys as a winter project plus there were tying tecniques I had not tried by doing the Bonefish. Another reason was that our board was lacking in the Bonrfish archive section and I thought It would be a good reference. Most of them are exactly like the recipe but I had to make some changes as I went along. I will continue with the saltwater flys when I get to Chatham since most of my flys are there and I have some interesting ones I will post. Another big reason is that I bought the Digital camera and had installed adobe Photoshop. I even wanted to post the flys from the Steelehead swap but thought someone else was planning that and did not want to step in front... Just for fun I will post a pic of my table.. stuck in a corner of my attic as a further reply to this post...but your right it's a mess.
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