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I know you are just kidding but I have many years on Brewster Flats under my wader belt and would ask the following questions:

a) Where would you launch?
b) What tide would you launch?
c) What tide would you take out?

The difference between this unit and any kayak on the market is night and day. The answer with this unit is:

a) anywhere
b) any tide
c) any tide

With a 'real' yak, it would be:

a) Sesuit & 1.8 mile row if no desire to drag or lug; otherwise Brewster beaches with a potentially marathon drag session
b) High tide (short drag), mid tide (100-150 yard drag), low tide (1 mile drag)
c) same as b

BTW - best fishing is around the bottom of the tide. With a real yak if you don't have 3 hours before and after to kill the most direct route to the best fishing is approx 1 mile of dry often rocky sand.

The mini-yakker can show up anytime and leave anytime from anywhere. Or such is my theory anyway. I could be wrong, but the risk is pretty low.

Besides, I can carry it on Rip Ryder in the bag and enjoy South Monomoy Island's west side flats without the row over from Hardings or the tidal concerns of Stage Inlet. If I feel like staying past curfew and the weather permits I can paddle back to the refuge at my leisure (dark is 5 hours after the last return shuttle).

And these are just the opportunities I am willing to discuss on line. The exciting ones are the ones I refuse to mention

Originally posted by Tod D
Juro - you da' man!

You sure it isn't one of those inflatable pool animals - ala the giraffe that Jack Gartside used to "fish" from around Boston Haba? :hehe: Now that would come in handy around the Brewster flats...
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