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Opening day of trout season was a blast. This tradition basically started 35 years ago by a small group of guys, now it's bigger than Woodstock (without the weed of course). Reads like a who's who of personalities, from the director of environmental management to outdoor writers of the state newspaper. Best part of the outing is the night before around the campsite. That when the kangaroo court is held. Talk about spin'in yarns!

Back to the salt scene...... On vacation this week, so Art and I will do a lot of foot work. We plan to fish the entire tide Saturday, April 21st. High tide is 7:08 am. Hopefully the water will warm up a few degrees and increase our chances. Because it's early season, we plan on investigating several areas during the different stages of the tide. For that reason, arrive on time at our first destination. Bring a cell phone if possible, especially if you're late or want to fish later in the morning. Detail will follow and be posted by Thursday.

So far there is Roop, nsvencer, NathanS, Mattb, Juro, Grego, and Chris, and a maybe from Solo? Striblue not sure of your intentions, but if you do come your welcome. Your trip will be Sunday. (Let's see if he bites at that one?)

Peter Jenkins of Saltwater Edge has graciously extended his facility as a meeting place and crossroads. Unfortunately, are fishing destinations will be 20 miles to the north of the store. We appreciate his generosity and since he lives such a short distance from some fishing locations, we wish he would join us.
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