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Question What's your best "fence" fly?

The most recent issue of Fly Tyer magazine has an article about a neat little pattern called the Fencerider Frog. It's basically a deer hair slider with hackle tail/legs that gets the interest of big sunfish and decent bass simultaneously.

This got me to wondering, what's everyone's best "fence" fly? It would have to be small enough to hook large sunfish, but still substantial enough to get the interest of some nice bass. I have two:

1. For topwater, I like a Madam X in a size 6. I'm always suprised by just how many good sized bass will come up for this morsel. It must be the rubber legs. :eyecrazy:

2. For subsurface, it's tough to beat a wooly bugger in a size 6 or 4. The action is terrific, and I've taken hand-sized bluegills and largemouths up to 4 pounds from the same pond on this fly.

There's a few others that get some of this double duty as well, but the two above are my personal favorites. What say all of you?
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