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Fishing in Tight Spots


Very informative post.

Yep, bush fishing is a totally different story. I agree with you completely. Sometimes, brute force is required; even the anchor system needs attention.

Warning to all: going way off topic here.

Sunday, we were snook fishing in a little mangrove notch maybe 40 yards wide. The skiff was staked up in hard mud. Angie hooked the biggest snook of what turned to be her personal best day ( her total snook: 7 reds: 2 ) and applied all brakes to turn the fish. After the first turn she didnít make any headway from the bush. I looked away from the fish to see the pole had come out of the mud and we were being pulled into the mangroves. My bad! Time to start poling.

In the end, she landed the sweet 28Ē snook.

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