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Kayak Modifications/Additions

I have a Frenzy Kayak by OceanKayak. Its a sit on top, so I have the basic back rest. After long paddles last summer, I found that my legs would "fall asleep" sort of making standing a little difficult upon exiting the yak. (Read, I fell on my ar$e.) I am trying to decide whether to buy the fancy fishing backrest or to fashion my own. I think I can whip up some rod holders out of some PVC, Cable Ties, and holes in the rest I have. The pouch on the back isn't really necessary to me. Now the big thing...the seat under me. I thought about using a boat cushion, but fear that it will hold lots of water and become an annoyance once I return to dry land. I am also wondering if maybe some closed cell foam would work. I might even be able to Velcro it to the area. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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