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RE:Part II - The Olympic Peninsula

Per the SWFF - I use flourochic for stripers through the summer but when the spring fish are hungry or fall fish are on their fat-gathering binge you could use flourescent yellow stren in a bimini and they'd still take the fly. What I like about it is the low vis lets one go up to 15 or 20 # tippet without compromising the stealth factor.

Brian -

That loop knots hard to find drawn out... tell me if this is right and I'll draw it out myself for the site:

1) Tie an overhand knot several inches up the tippet

2) thread the end of the tippet (below the knot) thru the fly eye

3) take the end and tie a reverse-clinch above the overhand (stopper) knot, putting the tag end thru the top loop of the psuedo-clinch to secure

4) tighten loops, then slide to stopper

=> Wait a minute... that's not right, it's just a clinch with the tag end going thru the stopper knot... right?

[if the overhand knot was left as is, it would in effect be a wind knot - weakening the tippet drastically. Therefore I assume another part of the tippet must be threaded through the stopper to prevent it from becoming a weak point (in theory)???]
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