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Pheasant Tail Emerger

The PT Emerger is my entry in the trout fly swap.

Hook: #14-18 dryfly #16 here
Thread: Tan
Tail, body & legs: Pheasant Tail fibers
Rib: Black Thread (one with a strand of mylar twisted in was used here)
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Wingcase: Black craft store foam ~ 3/16" wide

Tie the tail body and rib like a normal PT Nymph. Wrap over the Pheasant tail so that it sticks out over the hook eye and then tie in the foam facing the rear of the hook for the wing case. It helps if you taper the piece of foam before tying it in. Tie in the peacock herl and make a short thorax. Fold the foam over the thorax & secure. Cut the foam close to the head while pulling on the foam. Fold the PT fibers back in a beard style and finish off the fly off. Cut the legs off.

I like to fish this fly in streams flowing at a moderate rate or faster. The foam keeps the front of the fly up in the surface film while the tail sinks down. You have to use a piece of foam that is wider than a normal wingcase to acheive this floating behavior.
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