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...liability strap...

...I ride a donorcycle and have a tank bag that stays in place with a set of strong magnets...the manufacturer includes a "liability strap" to make certain they won't be sued if the bag is lost at speed...If you fail to "properly" secure your boat, not only can it make an untimely exit, you will be liable for any unexpected side effects...also...
When I'm carrying anything on the roof of my truck I hang a tag from the rear view mirror to act as a constant reminder. I read a story about the Merlin Bicycle Company that had hosted a major magazine writer. They had spent the better part of the day touring the shop and riding their hearts out and were late getting their charge back to Logan...With six titanium racing bikes strapped to the roof of their van they roared into short term parking and heard a crunching sound...the roof had been inadvertantly cleared of all hardware by a low parking garage. Haste makes waste and a tag hangs from my mirror as a timely reminder when there's cargo upstairs.

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