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Started fishing with a sudden drop in temperature late this afternoon. Only three fish caught today. One big surprise though, one of the fish was 7 lbs. Fish that size chase herring. Could get my entire hand down his gullet. This time of year, the sun helps to stimulate the activity with warmer water. The correct tide is moving closer to sunset, reducing the number of hookups.

Have reliable reports that bass are being caught in several places with darker bottoms and shallower water. The numbers are not terrific, but the fact they are spread out in such a diverse area, makes you wonder if the beginning of the first wave have arrived. I'm sure Juro, that most of the fish I've been releasing have been holdovers. Still they're bright, plump, and clean looking. I would question the larger fish though.

In a week and a half, all the estuaries should be nursing plenty of schoolies. All signs so far point in a good directions. All you Boston metro area fly guys should have a ball.

Will keep you posted.
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